Month: November 2021


How to protect yourself from scams?

Scammers are getting extraordinarily clever at masquerading as governments, banks, travel agents, insurance firms, telcos – and a few might even impersonate individuals you recognize. with reference to the Scamwatch website, Tricks target individuals of all foundations, ages, and pay levels over Australia. There’s no one gather of individuals who are more likely to get to be a casualty of a trick, all of us may be a victim of a scam.


Windows 11: How to use Microsoft Teams after upgrading to the new OS

The new version of Microsoft Teams is a remarkable addition to the Windows 11 makeover. it is an application that supports chatting, video conferencing, calling and meeting in one place. Teams is deeply woven into the upcoming Windows 11 update. In Windows 11, Teams lives in the Windows taskbar — it’s called “Chat” and replaces

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