Month: January 2022

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Essentials is a new standalone version for small businesses

In order to better serve small companies, Microsoft is building a standalone edition of Teams specifically for them. To get the most out of Teams Essentials, you’ll need a Microsoft 365 package that includes the Office apps. The standalone edition of Teams puts Microsoft’s Slack-like channels feature to rest in favour of a more straightforward chat

This is the first Patch of 2022, a Windows vulnerability and a critical bug in the Exchange Server have been fixed.

Http.sys, a vulnerability in Windows & Windows Server, has been patched by Microsoft. Exchange Server has also been patched for three vulnerabilities that allowed remote code execution. Acrobat and Reader have been updated to resolve 26 bugs too.  As a result of January 2022 Patch upgrades for Windows PCs, several users have experienced problems connecting

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