Control Pro & Lite

CommBox Control is a revolutionary new web based control system that brings style and sophistication to the world of room control

From the precision engineered aluminium facia through to the ground breaking cloud based control editor, no stone has been left unturned in the pursuit of the perfect control system.

The editor and control UI define intuitive simplicity; a perfect complement to a precision engineer controller that will enhance even the finest server rack.

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Technical Specifications

 PROCESSORS  Modern Design- Sleek modern glossy acrylic facia exudes quality

Unlimited Control – Control a vast array of devices through a

range of control ports, including Ethernet, IR, RS232/485, I/O

contact closures and relays

Ultra-Responsive – Responds to real-time events from connected

devices by running custom command sequences

CONTROLLERS HTML5 Interface – Cutting edge HTML 5 web interface allows

control from any device, anywhere, such as phones, tablets and


Feedback – Dynamic device status is reflected live in the control


Scalable UI – Automatically resizes to suit the mobile device

being used

 EDITOR  HTML5 Editor – Ground breaking HTML 5 web editor allows control

UIs to be developed with ease, by anyone

Drag & Drop – Intuitive drag and drop and simple workflows make

it fast, simple and cost effective

Existing Library – Access CommBox’s vast library of IR and RS232

codes without touching a single line of code

  CENTRAL  Convenient and Simple – Simply enable Control Central in each

controller, and it will automatically push all of its data to Control

Central, without any programming or manual configuration.

Access Anytime, Anywhere – Located in the cloud, with a fully

scalable user interface, you can access through your smartphone

and support staff anywhere.

At-A-Glance Monitoring – Each room has a set of configurable

indicators for at-a-glance monitoring without even having to click

on each room. Once your controllers have reported in, you can

configure your own alerts.



More Information

Control systems are used to make room operations simple and to provide remote, proactive management & support.

Control your room from one simple interface. Turn your projector on, raise your motorised stand, lower the blinds, all from the touch of a single button. The CommBox Control system really is a breath of fresh air and is changing the main reason why control systems are installed…


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