Our solutions drive value into our customer’s business through the intelligent integration of real-time behavioural data-collection technology, analytics and services.

Whether you’re a freight company, a grocery store with several delivery vans on the road or a business with a fleet of company cars, vehicle tracking gives businesses with fleets of all sizes much greater oversight and makes fleet management more efficient and effective.

If your business has a fleet of cars, vans or trucks, vehicle tracking will help you to better manage your fleet, ensure the safety of your drivers and improve your business’ productivity.

What are the types of managed IT services?

IT&T offers fully customized, end-to-end IT solutions. After performing an in-depth network infrastructure assessment, we can provide tailored recommendations for your company. Our managed IT services can include any combination of:


IT procurement and vendor management services

Data center hardware and software

Data center hardware and software

Managed security services

Data backup and disaster recovery services

Cloud services

IT&T has partnered with 4Tracker’s FleetConnect™ an advanced, easy to use cloud-based reporting solution which was proudly designed, engineered and built in Australia.

Designed with the end user in mind, it captures information generated from in-field GPS-based devices (RoadScout®) and displays it graphically in real-time. The dashboard contains a powerful combination of features to improve vehicle management and driver safety.

Live vehicle and driver status at a glance

FleetConnect allows you to locate your entire fleet in real-time. Localising every vehicle at any given moment 24/7. Vehicles are clearly shown on a completely interactive map display along with speed and heading information. At-a-glance, you can see a vehicle’s live status.

Second by Second Telemetry

A lot can happen in 30 seconds, even more in a minute. Our RoadScout device delivers full second by second telemetry giving your maps more meaning. Perfect for accident reconstruction and granular trip information.


Monitor vehicles and their drivers and see information on speed, working hours, mileage and idling time. Monitor total driving hours. Driving hours by trip. How long drivers are stopping for. This assists greatly in managing the number of hours drivers are working each week or month. Also helps manage driver fatigue and ensure that drivers are taking sufficient breaks.

Activity Feed

Think of the Activity Feed like Facebook but only for your fleet. The Activity Feed displays all the important key information as it happens. Entering & Existing Geofences, Over Speed Events, Harsh braking and even more. Keeping you & your managers update to date every second.

The Dashboard

FleetConnect™ Live Dashboard updates key vehicle and driver data in real-time providing the information you need to make relevant business decisions. Up to the minute data includes driver ID, driver performance, vehicle location and vehicle usage data including engine performance, acceleration, harsh braking, cornering and driving/idling ratios. Vehicle and driver data are referenced to your specified parameters allowing you to compare vehicle performance and driving styles individually and across the entire fleet.

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