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All You Need to Know About Phone Number Porting

May 9, 2021

phone number porting

Your business phone number is one of the identifying features of your company. Just like your address, logo and other identifying features, your number, especially if it is a vanity number, is a great way for your customers to identify with you and build a relationship. Number porting is a very important concept when you relocate or switch to a better phone service provider.

What is Number Porting?

Number porting is the process of taking an existing phone number and transferring it to another provider. There are two methods of number porting you'll want to be aware of. The first is local number porting. The second is full mobile number porting. Local number porting deals with number porting that relates to fixed lines. Full mobile number porting relates to the process of changing your mobile number to a different service provider, upgrading your existing service, or moving the number to a different location entirely.

Number Porting vs Call Forwarding: What's The Difference?

Porting is generally a permanent means of moving a phone number to another provider, as the old account associated with the number will be closed. Compare this to forwarding, where the number keeps its old account association, but is forwarding to another number or person instead. 

Benefits And Advantages of Number Porting

In the past, switching telecom providers meant obtaining a new phone number. This caused companies to stick with vendors longer than they wanted to avoid the hassle of changing phone numbers across the organization. 

Number porting essentially gives your company the freedom to upgrade business communication providers without the hassle of having to inform existing customers and clients about the change because the phone number is still the same. On their end, everything continues to function as normal, while your organization gets the benefit of using a communication provider that support your business. 

When To Port Business Phone Numbers

When porting numbers to a new provider, the porting should take place before the service switch takes place. This will help to ensure there’s zero interruption in service after the number porting occurs. Only after the port is complete should your business cancel any existing lines with your old provider.

The rules

Chapter 10 of the Telecommunications Numbering Plan 2015 sets out the rules for porting numbers.

The Telecommunications (Mobile Number Pre-Porting Additional Identity Verification) Industry Standard 2020 sets out the additional steps that telcos must take before porting a mobile number.

Industry codes set out the rules and procedures between telcos to help a customer keep their phone number, including time frames for porting.

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