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IT&T It's Not Just Tech

It's Making a Difference

At IT&T, while we're clearly passionate about tech, we also know amazing tech solutions don't mean much on a struggling planet. That's why we're committed to using our expertise to create a positive impact with a team that's just as fired up about sustainability as they are about the latest gadget.

Protecting Our Playground

Recycling Champs:

We're all about giving our old tech a new life. We recycle everything we can, and we're working with clients to do the same. E-waste shouldn't end up in landfills, and together, we can make a difference

Going Electric:

Ditching gas guzzlers for efficient electric vehicles is just the beginning. We're constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, one eco-friendly choice at a time

Happy Team, Happy Clients

We believe happy employees make the best team. That's why we offer competitive perks, ongoing training to keep skills sharp, and a work-life balance that lets you recharge and come back feeling awesome.

Doing the Right Thing - Always:

Diversity & Respect

At IT&T, everyone is welcome. We believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect, fostering a workplace that's as diverse as the world we live in. Fair wages and ethical labor practices are a must – it's the only way to operate

Safety First - Always:

Safety and Well-Being Matter

We take safety seriously – for our clients and our amazing team. We have strong safety protocols in place and offer ongoing training to keep everyone healthy and happy.

Building Trust, One Byte at a Time:

Transparency is Key

We believe in open communication and holding ourselves accountable. We're honest in our practices, because trust is the foundation of any great relationship.

Climate Action: We're All in This Together:

Going Green Together

We're committed to reducing our environmental impact and taking a stand against climate change. We put energy-efficient practices at the heart of everything we do, and we encourage our clients to join us on this journey.

Our Commitment: A Sustainable Future for All

This is just the beginning of our social responsibility journey. We're constantly striving to do better, and we welcome your ideas on how we can make a positive impact. Together, let's build a future that's not only technologically advanced but also sustainable and equitable for everyone

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