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Alletra is breaking down the barriers of IT workloads

January 7, 2022

Alletra is breaking down the barriers of IT workloads

Last year alone, 64.2 ZB of data was created. Businesses are looking for agile infrastructure that can accommodate this data growth—and with that, the many use cases for utilising that data. Many are using cloud applications, cloud platforms, or cloud infrastructure to supplement their on-premises infrastructure. However, there is a clear disparity in the operational model for cloud resources and on-premises resources. Companies require the same agility and operational flows that the cloud provides.

To address this, HPE is delivering cloud-native and cloud-optimised solutions whilst having infrastructure on-premises. One of these solutions is HPE Alletra—a portfolio of cloud-native data infrastructure that powers data edge to cloud.

The common challenges of hybrid cloud workload management

Cloud migration, when not managed effectively, presents its own set of challenges:

  1. Numerous cloud architectures - As the quantity of apps and data continues to rise, some companies are turning to multicloud strategies. Managing multiple cloud platforms, however, presents a variety of challenges, including governance, interoperability, security, and required resources.
  2. Balancing stability and innovation - The cost of a rushed migration to the cloud can be high, potentially interrupting business processes if not executed correctly. Many businesses want more flexibility to transition their on-premises applications to the cloud progressively. At the same time, on-premises infrastructure must be modernised to improve performance, scalability, and efficiency.
  3. Security - The modern workforce is growing more distributed, as company systems incorporate an increasing number of IoT devices, creating a broader attack surface and more sophisticated cybersecurity threats. This requires a modern, dynamic, and comprehensive security strategy.

Enterprises can overcome these challenges through storage infrastructure which facilitates data transfer from edge to cloud. Cloud-native data infrastructure enables enterprises to adapt swiftly to changing business demands by mobilising data across clouds.

A flexible and straightforward hybrid cloud solution

To bring the cloud experience to every workload, businesses require a new approach to data infrastructure to get the most out of the hybrid cloud. This new infrastructure allows organisations to realise unified management, consistent data services, and seamless data mobility across clouds. Numerous components are combined to provide cloud infrastructure with dynamic scalability and simplified operations.

A recent addition to HPE’s stable of solutions is Alletra. One of Alletra’s biggest advantages is its ability to accelerate data innovation and unleash the potential of hybrid cloud. The solution spans workload-optimised systems to deliver architectural flexibility without the complexity of traditional storage management. At the same time, it "frees" data across hybrid clouds through one unified platform.

HPE Alletra is a collection of cloud-native data infrastructure designed to power enterprise data from the edge to the cloud. HPE Alletra is driven by the Data Services Cloud Console, a SaaS-based console that delivers unified data operations through a suite of cloud services, automating and orchestrating integrated data and infrastructure workflows for cloud operational agility and simplified data management.

As a result, HPE Alletra reduces the complexity and silos typical of traditional hybrid cloud setups by delivering a cloud-native data architecture that enables cloud operations and consumption. Alletra also streamlines infrastructure management, allowing businesses to begin accessing and using infrastructure-as-a-service and on-demand.

Alletra is AI-driven. With HPE InfoSight’s superior machine learning, 86% of issues are anticipated and avoided before the user even notices.

HPE Alletra - optimised for mission and business-critical workloads

Experience has shown, organisations value the ease, self-service, and automation possibilities of cloud. Consequently, IT administrators have been faced with delivering that experience to mission-critical applications while maintaining performance and reliability. HPE offers two Alletra solutions to meet the needs of a broad range of businesses.

HPE Alletra 9000 is architected for mission-critical applications that demand low latency and high availability. The unique multi-node, all-active technology enables massive parallelisation for predictable and consistent performance at scale. Consolidate legacy and next-generation mission-critical applications with very low latency and a guarantee of 100 percent availability. HPE Alletra 9000's all-NVMe architecture enables a world leading performance density of over 2 million IOPS12.

HPE Alletra 6000, in contrast, is well-suited to mission-critical applications requiring stringent availability and performance SLAs. It offers rapid, consistent performance while maintaining an industry-leading data economy. It requires minimal setup, and its always-on data services and app-aware intelligence assist performance and efficiency.

Alletra exceeds the requirements of business and mission-critical workloads through several carefully designed and integrated components:

  • All-active architecture - The HPE Alletra 9000 platform is a first-of-its-kind massive parallel, multi-node, all-active platform. Massive parallelisation is possible when all volumes are active on all media, controllers, and host ports — at all times.
  • Efficient handling of large I/O sizes - HPE Alletra can handle high IOPS in low-latency applications whilst having the bandwidth to handle big I/Os.
  • App-aware resiliency that forecasts issues to prevent disruptions - HPE Alletra forecasts and avoids disruptions across storage, servers, and virtual machines. The solution is backed by a no-questions-asked guarantee of 100% availability.
  • Mixed-workload technology - The HPE Alletra 9000 is equipped with purpose-built ASICs optimised for mixed workloads.
  • System-wide striping - HPE Alletra system-wide striping ensures that data is distributed over standard RAID groups and across all drives behind a controller node and all drives in a system, optimising performance and efficiency.
  • Mission-critical availability and storage consolidation - HPE Alletra 9000 provides Priority Optimisation software with Quality of Service (QoS) controls for crucial attributes such as bandwidth, latency, and IOPS to assure mission-critical workloads and optimal performance. These capabilities enable verification of QoS levels without physically partitioning resources or maintaining distinct storage silos.

Key outcomes for businesses using Alletra

Dealing with unforeseen interruptions to data access (such as unscheduled downtime, forklift upgrades, and escalating support expenses) can be disruptive to business outcomes. Alletra unifies the user experience of cloud-based storage as-a-service, removing unnecessary complexity and scaling with your business’s evolving demands.

Today, more than ever, application uptime is critical. Data loss results in time and money being wasted. That’s why HPE Alletra 9000 includes a 100% availability guarantee as standard, while HPE Alletra 6000 includes a 99.9999% availability guarantee.

HPE Alletra's predictive support automation enables the elimination of level 1 and level 2 support, granting you access to next level support and eliminating time-consuming and inconvenient escalations.

Spelling an end to rip-and-replace disruptive platform cycles, HPE Alletra systems are easily expandable to meet the demands of your organisation. By minimising complex, long, and disruptive data transfers, the value of your data infrastructure is safeguarded.


HPE Alletra is a data infrastructure solution that emulates the cloud in resilience, agility, and overall operating experience. Simultaneously, the solution enriches the storage experience by providing a perfect infrastructure for business- and mission-critical applications that demand excellent latency sensitivity and availability. Contact us, your IT partner, to explore how HPE Alletra can benefit your business.

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