Changes to Image-Based Prescribing June 17, 2021

Changes to Image Based Prescribing

The below article has been produced by Jessica White from Best Practice Software.

Please read as it may or may not impact your business.

From 1st April 2022, prescribers may continue to fax or email digital images of paper prescriptions to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice. However, the prescriber must now send the original paper prescription to the pharmacy. The original temporary exemption that was in place from March 2020 did not require a paper copy of the prescription to be sent to the pharmacy (unless an S8 or S4 medication), we can now confirm that this is ending on March 31, 2022.

For practices using Bp Premier product, ePrescribing is available and will ensure that an electronic version of the prescription can be provided to the patient, without the need to supply a paper copy of the prescription to the patient or pharmacy. Further information regarding ePrescribing for Bp Premier can be accessed here.

For practices using Bp product, we are expecting that ePrescribing will become available before the end of 2022. Until then, prescriptions that are faxed or emailed to a pharmacy will require a paper copy or the original prescription to be sent.

ePrescribtion benefits:

  • Saves time
  • Reduces consumption of paper
  • Reduces consumption of printer ink/toner
  • Improves work efficiency
  • Helps the environment
  • Less paper and toner – equivalent to cost-saving
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