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Christmas checklist: The IT and telecommunications priorities to check off your list before Christmas

November 29, 2022

Christmas checklist The IT and telecommunications priorities to check off your list before Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to start putting your plans in place to tie things up for the year and prepare for 2023. 

Our handy Christmas checklist covers off on the key IT and telecommunications concerns which we recommend checking off your list in the lead up to Christmas. Here’s what we recommend prioritising before you enter 2023. 

Review software licence subscriptions

Now is an excellent time to review whether all of your software and systems licences are up to date. Is it time to renew your licence subscriptions? Will you need to add or remove users from your licences for next year? Even if the renewal date occurs in 2023, reviewing this in advance will ensure your systems are meeting your needs and you’re not paying too much.  

Renew web hosting, domain names and SSL certificates

Have a look at whether your website hosting, domain names and SSL certificates are up for renewal. In regard to domain names, look at whether you may need to purchase additional domain names such as a .au domain. It's also a good time to review your costs and assess whether you’re happy with providers and shift if necessary. 

Record your holiday message

Don’t forget to record your holiday message so that if customers try to call you while your office is closed, they will be made aware of your closure and reopen dates. Make sure that your staff also update their voicemail greetings to reflect the same message. 

Stock up on office supplies and equipment 

Now is a good time to order office supplies and equipment so that everything has arrived in time for when people return after the holidays. This may include ink and toner cartridges, paper, envelopes, binders or stationery, through to computers, phones, keyboards or monitors. 

Establish holiday emergency contact details

Depending on your business’ set up, you may have skeleton staff working over the holidays or certain staff on call. It's important at a minimum to have a holiday emergency contact to handle any issues that may arise during the holiday period. Make sure this contact is shared across the business or with customers and suppliers as required. 

Brief your temporary staff 

If you will have temporary staff working throughout the holiday period or in periods when many permanent staff will be on leave, it's a good idea to thoroughly brief them on the office layout and services so they have everything they need. For example, they’ll need to know where your data cabinet, router and switches are so they know how to restart devices when required. 

Update your Google Business profile

Don’t forget to update your business hours for the holiday period on your Google Business profile. That way if anyone searches for your business on Google or Google Maps they will see up to date information about whether you are open or not, or have reduced hours. 

Update your website with holiday hours

Don’t forget to update your website to include a notice about when your office will be closed and when you will have reduced hours. 

Making a start on these items now will give you peace of mind as we head into the Christmas period. So, get started today!

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