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Bp Premier Saffron Sp2 Release Masterclass – Medicare Web Services Preparation

Introducing Saffron Sp2: Medicare Web Services preparation

Saffron Sp2 will introduce Medicare Web Services to our Bp Premier users, in plenty of time before the 13th of March 2022 deadline. This webinar is very much aimed at Practice Managers, owners, or any other authorised representatives who have not yet taken the steps to prepare themselves for Services Australia’s adaptor technology upgrade. The webinar will focus on those key preparation steps, as well as delve into a little more detail around the registration and extension of your B2B device/s. We’ll also take a look at the minor interface changes you might see in Bp Premier. The information session will be followed by a Q&A in which we can address any questions you may have as you prepare for this change.

For those who have already completed these steps, who joined us for our Medicare Web Services preparation webinars in July, or simply just want to concentrate on the actual features or changes in Bp Premier, we recommend you register and join for our second webinar this series, Introducing Saffron Sp2: Features and Enhancements. Please click here to register yourself, or anyone from your team. All our Masterclass content is recorded and placed on our Vimeo channel for those who cannot make live sessions. If you wish to pre-submit questions, please do so using medicarewebservices@bpsoftware.net

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2021-10-25 12:00

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