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Extend 5G experiences with Wi-Fi 6

September 25, 2020

Aruba wifi6

Wi-Fi connects well over 50,000 different types of devices¹ – from today’s smartphones and laptops to emerging entryway locks, office desks, and even trash cans. According to a recent analyst report², demand for connected devices is expected to unleash over 40 billion IoT devices generating over 79 zettabytes (ZB) of data at the edge (or 79 trillion gigabytes). As we enter into a new wireless era where any “thing” can connect, Wi-Fi 6 becomes a critical foundation for digital transformation and handling this density of devices.


The Wi-Fi Alliance announced a new standard for wireless connectivity based on the 802.11ax protocol in 2019, called Wi-Fi 6. It is designed to future-proof environments for the growing number of devices and the demands of mobile users, IoT, and latency-sensitive applications – especially in crowded areas.

5 Key Use Cases where Wi-Fi 6 will benefit your organisation:

1. Ensuring application assurance

As video and voice continue to consume greater amounts of bandwidth, ensure a quality of service that does not impact users or the business.

2. Indoor wireless coverage

Ensure that users on cellular can easily transition to Wi-Fi, as they enter indoor environments.

3. Enabling the intelligent edge

As the business becomes hyper-connected and demands real-time insights, IT needs to deliver digital transformation without interrupting the business.

4. IoT convergence

Make it easy for IT and users to leverage IoT technologies easily as use the enterprise networks as the critical underlying infrastructure.

5. Safer Wi-Fi access

Unsurprisingly, physical and virtual security remain high on enterprise to-do lists. The goal is to automate security as devices connect to ensure that traffic remains segmented and secure.

To learn more about the Wi-Fi 6 capabilities and examples of some day-to-day problems and how Wi-Fi 6 can resolve them, click here.

NEW! Aruba’s first CERTIFIED 6™ (Wi-Fi 6) access point

Aruba has introduced it to the newest access point, AP22 for faster speeds via Wi-Fi 6, greater capacity, performance, reduced latency, and enable more connected devices at a competitive price. The AP22 is the perfect access point for small businesses with expanding mobile, cloud, and IoT requirements.

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