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Future-proof your business’ print solutions with artificial intelligence

March 7, 2021

Kyocera new taskalfa 3554 ci series

Artificial intelligence offers several benefits for today’s businesses in terms of productivity, workflow optimisation and quality.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly a part of our everyday lives, whether we notice it or not. From social media algorithms, to autocorrect, content services and personal assistants such as Alexa, AI is enmeshed in many of our daily activities.

In fact, AI usage has grown by at least 270 percent since 2015, according to Leftronic. Furthermore, the recent global economic disruption has caused a major spike in demand for AI to help businesses cope with unpredictable circumstances and a rapid transition to remote work. It is vital, therefore, for business leaders to keep up-to-date with the latest advances in AI’s ability, particularly where it relates to improving productivity, and device output and downtime.

Using AI to increase efficiency and lower costs

With widespread remote working becoming the new normal for many businesses, employees across all sectors are seeking greater flexibility in when, where and how they work. However, while there are many benefits to this, great mobility also comes with increased security risks and challenges.

For example, as the number of remote devices connected to shared networks and databases increases, so does the risk of a data breach. There is also a growing demand for secure and efficient methods of digitalising documents and workflows as digital communication becomes more vital to businesses’ success.

With challenges such as these, the need for a complete, robust print and document solution that boosts mobility while improving security has never been greater. And artificial intelligence is able to deliver this.

Boosting output quality with AI and the new TASKalfa 3554ci

Kyocera’s new TASKalfa 3554ci series features AI-driven digital automation, eliminating repetitive tasks, such as data entry, freeing workers up to focus on higher-value tasks. A document can be scanned and the data extracted with minimal human intervention. This simple, yet powerful, tool increases productivity while reducing human error.

AI also significantly improves the printer’s data security through the ability to monitor print activity and verify network user access more quickly and easily.

Additionally, organisations can reduce waste and printer downtime through AI-powered predictive maintenance and self-diagnosis functionality. Two other features key features of the new TASKalfa 3554ci include:

1. Super resolution

Super resolution enhances low resolution print data for a clearer, higher quality output. This new technology takes image information from an internal database and uses it to convert images from low to high resolution. Pixelated images are smoothed to create neater, more attractive visuals, which is ideal for those working in industries where there is a major demand for professional production, such as brochures, flyers and magazines.

Not only does this feature greatly enhance image quality, but it also saves the time and energy that would be spent attempting to manually increase the quality of an image. Ultimately, this means increased productivity, as well as an improvement in the overall presentation and professionalism of the final product.

2. Enhanced user experience and handwriting tool

The TASKalfa 3554ci’s handwriting tool can enhance, highlight or remove handwritten notes from the original document, representing a major advance in the user experience. This saves time, reduces waste and increases information sharing capacity. This is especially useful for those working in the education sector, where scanning documents, proofreading and note-taking are inevitable, or the logistics sector where written instructions on orders and invoices are still commonplace. Physical copies of documents can be shared, distributed and written on, saving a substantial amount of time and printing expenses.

Now is the time to adopt AI-powered printers

The growing influence of AI is undeniable. As the business landscape changes, the benefits of adopting AI technology include greater uptime, lower costs and better security, as well as improved productivity and output quality. Business success in the digital era will be largely defined by AI capabilities, and those who adopt it now, will outpace their competitors and create a new value stream for their organisation.

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