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How a digital transformation can benefit your business

September 9, 2021

digital transformation

More than any generation before us, we are in a unique position where we have lived and breathed a digital transformation of almost every aspect of life over the past decades.

From how we communicate, to how we work. From how life-saving operations are carried out, to how we stay connected with loved ones when we cannot be together.

At work, digital transformations have rebuilt, rebranded and recreated companies. But, it's not over.

There are more changes to come and if your business is ready for them, they will bring about incredible opportunities.

So, what should all businesses be ready for when it comes to getting your operations ready for a fully digital age?

What can digital transformation do for your business?

Put simply, there are few limits to what a well-thought-out digi-transformation can do for even the smallest business.

From streamlining outdated, clunky processes that take too much people-power away from developing your brand, to upgrading your customers overall experience, the right digital changes can help push your business to the next level of success.

Most importantly, an established digital business will be able to flexibly adapt to any changes in the environment (hello Covid!) without disruption to service, ensuring your profitability and success.

Tools and tactics

Even small digital changes can make a big difference to a business, but if you're going to invest the time and energy, make sure the changes you do make will create the biggest buzz. Whether it's an app that will increase sales or a bot that can upgrade your customer comms, pick your first tool carefully.

The same applies when it comes to investing in new technology. Whether it's a state-of-the-art print management system, or new devices for your teams, select reliable, global brands, such as Hewlett-Packard, that have a track record of digital innovation and success.

A key tactic in making any big changes work at work, is keeping people on-side. Take your teams on the journey with you, so they feel part of the process and can learn as they go, rather than spring huge changes on them once the decisions have been made. Most importantly, put the right person in place to run the show, someone who lives and breathes digital and can get your people excited about what's next.

Insider or outlier?

While it's important that your whole business is on board with any digital transformation you make, when venturing into a new phase, it can sometimes be helpful (read: integral for success!) to bring in some outside help.

If you have a tech genius in your company that can create a digital transformation masterplan, then put them to work. But don't be afraid of going outside your business to bring in the super nerds who are running the (digital) world.

Tech developments move faster than the speed of light and the last thing you want is to make a big-time, people, and cash investment in making changes that are going to be outdated by the time they're up and running. Select the best team for the job, whether that's in or outside your current business.

How digital makes even small businesses look giant

Once upon a not so long time ago, technology and cutting-edge digital products and processes were the realm of big enterprise only. This is no longer true, and small to medium-sized businesses can reap the rewards of profit and success just like the big players do.

With the technology needed to create a digital transformation becoming more accessible and less draining on resources, smaller companies that go digital can now offer customers and internal teams an experience that is world-class.

While there are some digital changes that still only apply to enterprises, the primary benefit for smaller companies is freeing up staff to concentrate on developments that are key to the business staying in the ‘thriving, not just surviving' lane.

HPE offers a range of solutions that will enable your business to ride the wave of a digital transformation and can help put your business at the front of the pack. Speak to your reseller today and start your journey to a better, digital, business.

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