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How IT&T medical IT services can help the Healthcare industry

August 3, 2021

Medical IT Services_Medical IT support

IT&T Medical IT Services

In the healthcare industry, every single effort is made with the goal in mind of helping other people. But ironically, to first truly help others, the healthcare industry must help itself, and that includes making sure all equipment is performing as needed. In today's modern world, that process starts and ends with technology, computers, and of course the internet. If your internet doesn’t work, chances are that neither does your business. Luckily, IT&T can help your business, so that your business can help others. Our medical IT support is second to none, and can have your healthcare business up and running in no time. Not only are we incredibly experienced in this field, but our extensive range of skills ensures that your IT needs can be fulfilled to the max, no matter what is required. Whether it's our wide-ranging clientele, our deep understanding of running general practices, day surgeries and private hospitals, or our customised IT services, rest assured that IT&T will have whatever your business needs. IT&T can supply medical IT services, medical IT support, all wrapped up under the umbrella of IT services in the healthcare industry, and designed specifically to help you and your business.

Wide-Ranging Service

When looking for a company to help revitalise your company, one crucial aspect to look for is how others in your industry have gone about the same change. When it comes to medical IT support, IT&T’s body of work is more than impressive, as we can confidently say that we have worked with over eighty percent of the healthcare practices in the Illawarra and Greater Sydney area. When selecting a company to help with your managed IT services for healthcare, don’t you want someone who has done this before, someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, and has the results to prove it? If your business operates within the fields of radiology, pathology, day surgery, medical centres, family practices, specialists, private hospitals and dentists, you can rest assured that IT&T’s medical IT services have worked with businesses like yours and can help complete whatever your specific business requires.

General Practitioner

A general practitioner is a doctor who exists within society as a medical ‘one-stop shop’, some who can deal with any number of medical issues from one location. Following this line of thinking, IT&T can be considered as a tech and IT general practitioner, able to complete almost all problems that can and will arise relating to medical IT services. Adding to this, the type of general practice you run does not matter for our IT services team. Be it independent, franchise, private or multi-site, we have exactly what you need to make sure your business performs to the gold standard. We have the knowledge and ability to complete almost all medical IT services and telecommunications-related, which makes us more equipped than anyone to handle your companies needs, end-to-end. Further to this, we have an in-depth understanding of the requirements, workflows and policies which are unique to a General Practitioners practice. As we mentioned before, we have worked with countless GP’s in the Illawarra and Greater Sydney area, which means that there is no one with a better understanding and ability to service your IT systems.

The extent of our knowledge and ability can be clearly seen, such as the policies and procedures that all GP’s are required to abide by, the inner workings of the Medicare system and required certificates, and how doctors undertake the process of bulk billing. We are across the process of digital prescriptions, the process of accreditation for GP’s under the Royal College of General Practitioners, and how to support the major medical applications such as Medical Director Clinical, Medical Director Pracsoft, Best Practice and Genie. We understand the importance of medical records and their privacy, how to establish and set up a paperless practice, and frankly everything else there is to know about practice set-up, including phones, computers, servers, network and printers. If you’re looking for a one-stop business solution approach to your healthcare practice, IT&T is the best there is.


Just because we provide a wide-ranging collection of services, doesn’t mean that IT&T isn’t able to specialise, and we pride ourselves on our precise services in the field of radiology. Again, our extensive experience servicing radiology in the Illawarra and Greater Sydney regions sees us equipped with the necessary skills and know-how to help any radiology business. We understand the specific radiology IT terms and systems, such as AE Title, network device modality, worklist (CRM) and pacs (storage system), so you know we know what we’re talking about!

We are also completely across specialist radiology systems and their interconnectedness, as well as any legal obligations that pertain to radiology, such as patient confidentiality. We understand the hardware and storage requirements of a radiology clinic, how to support applications crucial to radiology such as Intelerad and Comrade, and the systems used to communicate your findings with other medical professionals. Our thorough knowledge of radiology means that our medical IT support is second to none, and should be the obvious choice when setting up a radiology clinic.

Day Surgeries and Private Hospitals

Our ability to provide top-level medical IT support also extends to both day surgeries and private hospitals, with IT&T knowing the inner workings of the field. We understand that in these facilities, communication is key, and nurse calls, phone systems, security systems and access control are all crucial components. Additionally, the function and use of applications within these businesses, as well as the cabling and networking requirements needed to provide the most enjoyable experience possible for clients and staff alike.

IT&T Medical IT Services

Whether you’re a general practice, radiology clinic, day surgery or private hospital, from the smallest independent practice to the largest facility possible, IT&T’s medical IT services are tried and trusted throughout the Illawarra and Greater Sydney area, and the results speak for themselves. If your business is in need of support, contact us today!

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