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Old School: Utilising phone systems to maximise the aged care sector

June 24, 2021

Health and agedcare phone system

Health and Aged Care Sector

In the Health and Aged Care sector, there are workers communicating with each other, with patients, and with various third parties, every second of every day. Effective communication can be the difference between efficient and time-consuming treatment, between patient satisfaction and patient displeasure, and at times, the difference between life and death.

For workers in the Health Care sector, they need to know that their communication will be concise and effective so that they are able to assist their patients to the best of their ability. In Aged Care this also rings true, with carers needing assurance that their clients will be completely taken care of, and that said clients are able to communicate this fact to achieve the most respectful and effective treatment possible. In considering all of this, it is apparent that all Health and Aged Care sector businesses require the utmost in communication technologies, which starts with a phone system tailor-made to a businesses exact needs and requirements.

The Aged Care sector is one that is increasing exponentially and will continue to do so as we as humans live longer fuller lives. According to Deloitte Access Economics, the number of elderly Australians is set to more than double over the next 40 years, with a projected 8.9 million residents aged 65 or over to be living in Australia by the year 2055. This shows that as important as proper communication lines are now, they are only getting more valuable.

De-Centralised Phone Systems

IT&T recognises this, and it is for this reason that we are happy and more than capable to build Aged Care businesses their very own phone systems, systems that are appropriate, practical, and relatively simple. As we all know, our elders can have problems with technology at the best of times, meaning that our systems must ensure that all people are capable and willing to use them.

As the Aged Care sector continues to boom, it would only make sense that the business model will de-centralised, with businesses opting for numerous smaller satellite sites, rather than one larger location. In some locations, this will have already begun, and it is crucial in instances such as this that all sites are on the same page when it comes to communication. Not only a does universal in-business phone system provide each location with the top tier features provided by IT&T, and in turn Panasonic’s, phone systems, but by keeping all systems the same it allows staff to fluidly move in and out of sites without the friction of learning to operate numerous systems.

24 Hour Accessibility

This was exactly the case for CatholicCare, a multidisciplinary not-for-profit (NFP) organisation highlighted by Panasonic Business, which following the introduction of a universal phone system wound up saving $425 per month, purely due to the consolidated network. In addition to this, the NFP also experienced a fifty percent decrease in call charges and helped to resolve issues regarding maintenance and system failure issues, both performance-wise and cost-wise. In environments such as the Health and Aged Care sector, it is incredibly important that all available funds are spent on the care and betterment of clients and patients, which means that a cost-effective phone system such as that provided by IT&T and Panasonic is essentially vital.

One issue that is somewhat unique to Age Care facilities and businesses is the need for 24 hour coverage, and to be able to operate shorthanded in those traditional out-of-business hours. This is where IT&T and Panasonic’s phone system really shine, as they offer around the clock accessibility to both staff and patients. These systems have a life-saving ‘nurse call’ feature, that allow clients to call and be connected with nurses whenever they need, thanks to the systems Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) capabilities.

Preventing Emergency

Another business that has seen the incredible benefits of IT&T and Panasonic’s phone systems is Cabana Care, an aged care facility in Brisbane, Queensland. They were one business that suffered from an ineffective phone system and said that implementing the DECT systems streamlined their communications to an incredible degree. One issue with their previous phone systems that Cabana said caused significant confusion was that the displayed number for incoming calls could be one of six possible people calling at once, meaning they were never completely sure of who was contacting them, leading to numerous miscommunications. Their new system, supplied by Panasonic, was able to support up to 250 callers at once, and greatly increased the efficiency of their entire operations. As mentioned before, their new systems also provided the opportunity to service the ever-growing elderly population, who will now be afforded the best and easiest to use communication systems.

No one likes to talk about it, but one of the unfortunate parts of ageing is the increased propensity for accidents and medical emergencies. In considering this, it is more necessary than in nearly any other profession that Health and Aged Care businesses have the capability to be quickly and efficiently contacted, by either other health professionals, or in some instances, by the clients. IT&T and Panasonic’s phone system come equipped with a built in duress button, which can be used to quickly alert people when the user is in any sort of danger. In an industry where emergencies and accidents are a common occurrence, the duress button is a complete no-brainer, and a feature that helps set our phone systems apart from the competition.

Adaptable Phone Systems

At IT&T, our phone systems can and are suited to your business and its specific needs, whatever those may be. In the case of Health and Aged Care businesses, our systems allow for around the clock access, clear and timely communication, and carry qualities that allow them to be utilised in the case of emergency. In an industry that will only continue to grow, IT&T has the tools to allow these businesses to grow along with it, and to provide all clients with the communication that they will need.

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