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All Rise! The legal industry’s need for phone systems

June 24, 2021

Legal Industry phone systems

There is an inherent, and somewhat unique, feeling of conflict that is always assigned to the legal industry. People never want to need a lawyer, but they are also always glad to have one. Almost exclusively, people require lawyers and legal representation during the worst or most challenging periods of their life, be that having been a victim of crime, or having committed one. Considering the troubling time that people are enduring when they seek out the legal profession, it is absolutely essential that those they reach out to are able to communicate in a clear and concise fashion in order to mitigate any extra stress or concern. Clients need to clearly understand what their rights are, what they potentially may be liable for, how their case is progressing, and what the most likely outcome will be. More than this, they need their lawyers to
explain to them plainly and simply, what exactly is going on, and what they are paying for. At the root of this, lawyers and legal firms need to establish clear and effective lines of communication, with each other, with their clients, with judges and with other lawyers and firms. This starts with an effective phone system, and that is where IT&T can help.

Call Recording

In law, getting the best outcome for your client is the obvious priority, and to achieve this it is important to understand what exactly the situation is; what the client has either done or been involved in, and what their optimum solution actually is. Paired with this is the need for a lawyer to explain to a client their legal standing and position, and which moves will be the most effective moving forward. IT&T and Panasonic’s phone systems carry with them the capability to record phone calls between lawyers and clients, which can then be used as references going forward.

More than this though, call recording is an incredibly valuable resource (used ethically of course) for lawyers to gather evidence and build their clients' cases. Of course, recording calls is a useful feature for any business, but lawyers, in particular, will find that IT&T and Panasonic’s phone system recording capabilities will make their business run smoothly, and help to achieve the desired outcome. By installing an IT&T Panasonic phone system, your law firm can ensure that they record any and all communications that they need to, and that as a result, they will drastically reduce the amount of miscommunication between lawyers and clients.

Assisting Billing

Another issue that often begrudges people when interacting with the legal system is the exorbitant costs associated and a misunderstanding of what they are actually paying for. This is where another key feature of IT&T and Panasonic’s phone systems can come into play, and that is the ability for Lawyers to use their phones to note the amount of time spent on the phone, in order to accurately bill clients. As lawyers almost exclusively charge by the hour, a phone system that is able to properly display and record exactly how much time a lawyer has spent with a client will help to accurately bill a client with no confusion regarding the amount owed. Of course, this can apply to any and all professions that charge clients by the hour, and in those instances, we would also recommend IT&T and Panasonic phone systems. But with the reputation, the legal system can often carry overcharging clients, these features of logging hours can help to show clients where their funds are actually being allocated and can ease their minds that they are being unfairly charged.

Mobile Work Capabilities

As almost any lawyer would tell you, a large component of their work is always being mobile, on the move and working from a number of different locations. And this has never been more true than in the previous 12 months, which has seen practically everybody learning to work from home, being able to be reached remotely and to communicate from different locations has never been more important. IT&T and Panasonic have this in mind, allowing Panasonic’s ‘softphone’ to be installed on any IOS or Android mobile device.

This means that for Lawyers who are still working from home, working remotely, or are not able to meet in person for any number of reasons, their work will not be impacted, and they can still maintain the same level of professionalism, despite the setting. This system works from anywhere, anytime, and still provides workers with a high level of privacy, not exposing your personal phone number to the customers. Imagine relaxing on the side of a pool while still taking business calls? Dealing with clients while you do the groceries? Drive your kids to sports training whilst still keeping in touch with clients? Panasonic’s softphone feature is an incredibly helpful feature for those in the legal profession, as it allows for lawyers to complete their work, no matter the circumstances.

Rarely will people be happy to be seeking out a lawyer. Most likely, they will be the victim of some form of crime or wrongdoing. Either this, or they have perpetrated said acts, and are looking for a way to defend themselves. Being involved in the law is never completely enjoyable, but by ensuring your business has effective, clear and concise communication, you can at least ensure that the person's experience is as quick and seamless as possible. IT&T and Panasonic are able to help all legal businesses and law firms achieve this task, by offering the ability to record all calls, by identifying the time spent on each call to assist with billing, and through giving all workers the ability to install the software directly to their phone, meaning they are able to work remotely from any location. In these ways, IT&T helps legal businesses win their cases,
complete their work, be effective from any location, and correctly bill all clients, to ensure the most pleasant possible experience with the legal system.

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