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Make the switch to Kyocera MPS in 4 easy steps

December 4, 2021

Make the switch to Kyocera MPS in 4 easy steps

It is not needed to be anxious while changing Managed Print Services (MPS) providers. Kyocera makes the procedure simple and straightforward. They collaborate closely with you and your organization to enable a smooth transition to Kyocera MPS that increases productivity, simplifies operations, and saves costs while reducing the environmental effects.

Here are four simple steps to making the switch to Kyocera MPS.

1. A thorough examination of the document environment and procedures

They recognize that each company is unique. So that's why they take the time to review your present print operations, the issues you face, and work with you to create a workable solution for your company.

Specialists will perform a site audit as part of the Kyocera MPS procedure to evaluate:

security risks




the environmental effect of this audit assists us in determining how to enhance your company's document processes, as well as how to minimize expenditures and wasteful spending while lowering your company's footprint on the environment.

2. Simple implementation procedure

Kyocera wants to make the workflow as simple and straightforward as feasible. they would handle the entire implementation process from start to end after the suggested solution was authorized. Specialists collaborate closely with you and your team to ensure that everyone knows each step of the process.

It is a goal to make sure that every piece of equipment they provide is properly installed and tested before they leave your premises. This is done with great care to ensure that your company activities are not disrupted.

Kyocera places a high value on training. All relevant departments and teams will be given the training to aid with the transition. During these training sessions, your employees will be able to try the gadgets and ask questions about how to use them. Additional training for your IT and technical staff is also available.

Kyocera made sure that personnel were adequately taught as part of the deployment process when Specialists introduced a new Kyocera MPS system for one of the important customers, TNT Express.

3. Simple administration and maintenance

The work does not end after the devices are deployed and the solution is put in place. Consultants will continue to assist you and your team in navigating the new document environment.

Kyocera's administration software allows your IT staff to quickly manage and monitor MFDs and printers. With a simple monthly report, the web-based platform also assists your workers in monitoring toner and paper use. With this program, you may have a comprehensive insight of your total printing volumes and expenditures throughout the organization, as well as by department or individual user.

Automated toner ordering is a fantastic feature of this program. When the toner runs low, the mechanism notifies KYOCERA, pushing people to deliver a new within the next few days.

Apart from the online tracking system, the Kyocera staff is available to assist. They strive to reply to your inquiries, concerns, and difficulties about your printers, processes, and document environment in a timely and effective manner. Specialists are always available to offer hassle-free servicing, as well as to handle all of your printing requirements.

4. Nonstop improvement

When you switch to Kyocera, they promise to constantly enhance your print environment.

The staff assesses your document processes on an ongoing basis and recommend how to improve performance.

These frequent audits also assist us in identifying methods to save money while decreasing our environmental effects.

In summary

The transition to KYOCERA's managed print services is simple. The transfer is straightforward, easy, and seamless — causing minimum inconvenience to your organization. Specialists can help the company improve print processes, increase productivity, and cut expenses and also be sustainable in four simple steps. Managed Print Services is a flexible and efficient print system that can adapt to your organization's changing demands in the new workplace. 

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