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Microsoft Teams: Your video calls just got a big security boost

October 28, 2021

Microsoft Teams video call

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s all-encompassing workstream collaboration plus unified communications platform – combining meetings, chats, calls, and file sharing with the Office 365 application stack to bring everyone together in a shared workspace. Recently Microsoft has rolled out a public preview of E2EE for one-to-one Teams audio and video calls. It’s just because of the security boost for one-to-one Teams audio and video calls. E2EE means that neither Microsoft nor anyone else can access the decrypted contents of a one-to-one call.

security is at the heart of every organization, so it’s crucial that the tools we use in the workplace keep our data secure and protect its integrity. This year, millions of organizations around the world have had to make rapid changes to their business architecture and the way they work to be able to support employees working remotely.

In many messaging systems, including many chat networks, messages pass through intermediaries and are stored by a third party, from which they are retrieved by the recipient. Even if the messages are encrypted, they are only encrypted 'in transit, and are thus accessible by the service provider, regardless of whether server-side disk encryption is used.

Server-side disk encryption simply prevents unauthorized users from viewing this information. E2EE works by encrypting information from one point to an intended destination and prevents anyone else from decrypting the transmission so messages are encrypted on the sender's device and can only be decrypted on the recipient's device.

Microsoft Teams certainly meets all the requirements you need for a solution, not only because it comes from a trusted manufacturer, but because all the security and functionality come configured in Microsoft 365 and Office365. This makes it robust, stable, but above all reliable, which is what companies and professionals need when using such a solution.

With using Teams, only the real-time media flow, that is, video and voice data, for one-to-one Teams calls are end-to-end encrypted. Both parties must turn on this setting to enable end-to-end encryption. Encryption in Microsoft 365 protects chat, file sharing, presence, and other content in the call.

Teams users will also see an encryption indicator in the top left corner of the software. By hovering over the E2EE indicator, users can ensure that their calls are encrypted, and Teams will also display a security code for the call that both parties on their respective ends can verify.

Security has become a key battleground for software companies in the virtual meeting and collaboration space. E2EE, in particular, has become something of a coveted standard as more people have turned to platforms such as Teams, to connect with colleagues while working remotely.

As a result, a number of existing and emerging collaboration and video conferencing tools have become extremely popular in recent months. Microsoft Teams being one of them. There are currently 145 million daily active Microsoft Teams users. That’s 50% more than there were only a year ago.

To get the maximum return on your technology investment, it’s also important to partner with a knowledgeable and reliable service provider. Get in touch with our experts today to find out how we can help your employees become more efficient and productive.

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