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Modernising your phone system in the era of remote work

September 20, 2022

Modernising your phone system in the era of remote work

With workforces no longer tied to the office, technology has had to adapt. This has impacted all aspects of day-to-day work including how we communicate. When it comes to phone systems encompassing chat, voice and video - employees need to be able to communicate from anywhere, at any time. Whether employees are working from home, a satellite office, from the client’s premises or even while on a working holiday - being able to communicate as they would if they were in the office is crucial. 

With 3CX, you can enable your team to receive calls from anywhere. All your phone system needs are taken care of with the affordable, scalable and intuitive 3CX phone system. Leave hosting up to 3CX or self-host in your cloud or on-premise. One simple licence covers chat, voice, video, and more.

With one low annual cost and no additional user fees, 3CX gives you an end-to-end phone system for a lower cost and with less admin. 

What to look for

3CX offers a range of features to modernise your phone system and enable remote access:

  • Chat, voice and video call capability
  • Web client, desktop and smartphone apps
  • Ability to manage the system remotely 
  • Call diversion 
  • Hot Desking capability so multiple users to be allocated to the same deskphone at different times
  • Microsoft integration 
  • Call Queuing
  • Auto Attendant (digital receptionist or IVR)
  • Voicemail
  • Call Recording

There are a range of benefits to the 3CX system you just don’t get from your traditional phone systems:


Users can connect from all over the world to a single, centralised, unified system. 3CX offers true flexibility so that employees can work from anywhere, at any time. Businesses can also easily scale their phone system up and down to match their workforce. 


It’s critical your system won’t fail in the event of an outage. 3CX offers a 24/7 monitored solution with nightly configuration backups. Integrated failover redundancy solutions ensure business doesn’t stop if there’s an outage. 


Compared to the costs of enterprise server hardware, 3CX is an extremely cost effective solution. With lower setup costs, maintenance and the ability to just pay for what you use. 

Simpler support 

3CX offers hosted solutions to lighten your load. 3CX’s support teams monitor your cloud-hosted instance 24/7. 

Looking for a flexible, resilient and cost-effective phone system which can be accessed from anywhere at any time? Look no further than 3CX. IT&T can get you set up with 3CX today. Contact us to find out more.

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