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IT&T provides all your managed IT service needs in one place.

We handle all IT maintenance and support services for your business – from quickly addressing any email, printing or internet issues, through to providing Windows updates and back-ups.

IT&T is committed to delivering the best solution, fast!

We provide tailor made IT solutions to cater for your business with a fast and reliable turnaround. We take care of everything for you, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what you do best.

What are Managed IT Services?

In essence, a business that utilises managed IT services has entrusted its IT operations to a third-party service provider. In this role, IT&T will assume 24/7 responsibility, 365 days a year, managing, monitoring and safeguarding etc your company’s infrastructure, allowing your employees to focus more fully on the core competencies that drive the success of your organisation.

What are the Benefits of IT&T’s Managed IT Services?

Experience the freedom to focus on your organisations goals and benefit from:

Lower IT costs

More predictable IT expenses

Minimal risk of IT-related catastrophes

Increased productivity

Up-to-date IT knowledge and expertise

Access to the latest technological breakthroughs

Strategic IT planning services

 24/7 Service desk operating 365 days a year

Successful stories

See how we have helped companies like yours

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What are the Types of Managed IT Services?

IT&T offers fully customised, end-to-end IT solutions. After performing an in-depth network infrastructure assessment, we can provide tailored recommendations for your company. Our managed IT services can include any combination of:

Preventive IT Services

Reactive IT Service

Networking Services

Free IT Network Assessment

Server Migration

Data Migration



To get advice and a free quote on which package best suits your business.

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