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IT&T provides on-premise, public cloud-hosted and private cloud-hosted phone systems.

Ensuring your business has a reliable phone system which meets your unique communication needs is so important. Modern phone systems don’t just manage inbound and outbound calls – the capabilities are extensive. From call centre functionality through to the ability to record for quality assurance, phone systems can improve your business’ productivity, facilitate training and improve customer support.

We provide on-premise, public cloud-hosted and private cloud-hosted phone systems. We will install and troubleshoot your phone system and provide free training for your team.

Here are some of the ways you can make the most out of your phone system:

Manage a call centre and distribute inbound calls to available staff

Analyze the number of calls made on any given day to better manage customer service resourcing and scheduling

Record or enable a manager to listen in on customer service calls to support quality assurance and training

Use your message on hold to advertise your latest promotion of service

Alert staff to attend to the customer, for example as a nurse call in the medical or aged care fields or as a paging system for poker machines

IT&T recommend Panasonic phone systems for their superior design, operation, flexibility, scalability and reliability. Which particular phone system we recommend for you will be based on the size of your organization, quantity and budget. Each brand has slightly different capabilities but all can fulfill the needs of your office.

Looking for a Cloud Unified Communications Solution?

We have partnered with Australia’s largest BroadWorks SaaS platform provider,  

Access4, to offer you an end-to-end solution so you can save money, time, and lower the risks and complications of not owning your on-premise equipment.

If you were to suddenly experience a 24 hour comms outage or if your employees were unable to get into your office, what would the cost be to your business? Between 40-60% of businesses will not recover from an unexpected outage.

When ‘no service’ isn’t an option, our unified communications platform removes the risk of unexpected events and hardware failures and gives you confidence in your services. Backed by carrier grade redundancies and continually updated to ensure industry best practices, we provide modular communications solutions to fit your business needs and improve workplace culture.

Switch to internet-based hardware devices with inbuilt integration and automated firmware upgrades.
Give your employees the freedom to switch seamlessly between in-office phones and their preferred device with no interruptions.
Utilise industry best technology including BroadWorks call features and/or Microsoft Teams to get the most out of your customer and collaboration experiences.
Remove the ‘single point of failure’ PBX solution.

What are the benefits of IT&T’s Cloud Unified Communication?

Experience the freedom to focus on your organizations goals and benefit from:

Complications of not owning your on-premise equipment

Reduce the risks

Lower IT costs

Save time

To get a free quote on a phone system which meets the needs of your business.

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