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The Ultimate Checklist for Moving Your Office: Your IT Checklist

January 20, 2022

Many firms in Australia are reconsidering their office space needs as the country reopens. We like to refer to this as the Modern Office or a flexible work arrangement. The real estate business in Australia is never the same after the epidemic since employees are interested in collaborating from home. Moving your office does not seem to be a stressful ordeal, regardless of whether your company is expanding or contracting. 5 recommendations to aid you with your move have been compiled by us.

1-Be sure to involve your IT staff right from the start

When it comes to running a lucrative business, IT is a critical component. However, your IT staff will be crucial to a successful office move. From an IT standpoint, they'll need to look at prospective new office locations, plan for the most critical areas in advance, and start preparing your company for the digital transition.  Being at your new workplace to discover that your Internet is unavailable, the landline isn't connected, and also the main printer has still not been delivered is the worst possible scenario.

Here is where we specialize when working with companies that don't have their own IT division. In the event of a workplace transfer, the Managing IT Services experience might be essential. It's our job to ensure minimal downtime and that your staff is ready to go on day one with the help of our IT experts.

2- Ensure the new workplace is equipped with the internet infrastructure your company need before you move in

There are a few things to keep in mind while looking for a new office location. Check out the building's current IT infrastructure before signing a new contract. The proximity of your workplace to a metro station and the shops, as well as the sort of cabling & Wireless spots accessible, are areas as critical to your company's digital assets as any other consideration.

If you don't put this at the top of your priority list, it might end up costing you money in the long term. Having intermittent or spotty coverage in the workplace may cause a slew of problems, including staff discontent and a negative impact on customer service.

3-An excellent time to review your workplace efficiencies and improve your computer systems

Taking stock of your company's assets during a move to a new location is a wonderful chance. Are your storage rooms overflowing with unused overhead projectors, lawn seats, an out-of-date computer, and packages of Christmas decorations that have never been opened? If this is the case, a rigorous purge of unneeded belongings will eliminate clogs, reduce obstacles, and transform your business.

Bring only the minimal necessities to your new place in order to ensure your business's success. Unlike sluggish ships filled with antiquated junk, modern corporations are light and quick to adapt. Our specialists and resources can assist you with any of these contemporary workplace transitions, whether you're wanting to replace your current gear, migrate to the cloud, or reimagine how your organization works together.

4-Remember to keep your online address up-to-date

It's easy to forget about your company's internet presence while moving offices, but doing it incorrectly might have serious ramifications for your company's online presence. Various different addresses are a certain way to lose clients and partners. Keep the website up-to-date and free of errors.

Every company has an internet presence, and a lot of those sites provide a physical address as well. Remember to notify Google of any changes to your company location when moving the office. Stay away from business operations with conflicting addresses since it gives the impression that they lack professionalism and dependability.

5-Ensure the safety of your company valuables by hiring a removal company

There should be a general guideline that says, "Engage the professionals"; you wouldn't consult your physician when building your house. But many organizations attempt to move without following this rule. Who knows what may go wrong when you're moving to a new place of work? Despite our best efforts, relocating to a new workplace is not as simple as it may seem. It may be a logistical headache.

An experienced business removalist gives you confidence that they are fully insured, have the right equipment for moving large objects, and know exactly what they are doing. Additionally, they have a thorough understanding of the law concerning sensitive data and devices safety, so you don't have to worry about that as well.

It's a fresh start in a new place

The truth is, moving an office is not a simple process.  Your firm may be revamped, modernized, and empowered with new technology if you relocate, but this is only possible if you relocate your organization.

Let us assist you to set up the new workplace and ease the move to your new place as the one-stop Network Service professionals! A wide range of services are available, from managed Wireless internet and IT services to cloud service solutions & VoIP communication systems. We also provide hardware advice and sales. We provide a wide range of IT services to Australian organizations who are keen to embrace the latest technological advancements, enabling your staff to perform to their maximum abilities.

Have a specific need in mind? Our customized IT solutions can turn any office into a high-tech powerhouse. You can reach out to us if you get any concerns or questions concerning your office's needs in general.

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