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The value of accessing all your IT and telecommunications services in one place

May 31, 2022

The value of accessing all your IT and telecommunications services in one place

IT&T covers all your business IT and telecommunications needs in one place, creating efficiencies and saving your business money, stress and time

All businesses will have a complex variety of IT and telecommunications needs including internet, phone systems, cyber security, cloud services and much more. Where many businesses come unstuck is that they utilise multiple vendors for all of their IT and telecommunications needs, creating complexities and inefficiencies.

This approach also attracts higher costs which tend to be a barrier for small businesses and businesses on a growth journey. IT services for small business - and indeed any business - need to have a strong ROI. This is less likely to be the case when utilising multiple suppliers. 

Why is using multiple vendors for IT and telecommunications challenging?

Managing your IT and telecommunications needs via multiple partners can create a range of challenges including:

  • Greater complexity
  • Inefficiencies and double handling 
  • Lack of knowledge across all systems and how they integrate or work together
  • Higher costs 
  • More points of vulnerability and a higher risk of outages, security breaches or other issues slipping through the cracks
  • More points of contact, creating a greater time burden
  • A more stressful, burdensome experience for you - the customer! 

What are the advantages of working with one IT company instead? 

Accessing all your IT solutions, IT services and telecommunications needs via one IT company has a number of advantages: 

  • Greater visibility, accountability and ownership over all your IT and telecommunications systems so no stone is left unturned
  • Breadth and depth of knowledge across the entire system
  • Simpler and less complex process 
  • Greater efficiencies and less double handling 
  • Economies of scale 
  • Lower costs. This is particularly helpful for smaller businesses with smaller budgets. IT services for small businesses should be more cost-effective and resourceful
  • Less risk. With one trusted provider responsible for everything, they won’t “pass the buck” or not take responsibility for certain facets of your systems 
  • One point of contact, making the process easier and less time consuming
  • A less stressful and enjoyable customer experience 

What to look for in an IT company?

If you’re looking to consolidate your IT and telecommunications providers, what should you be looking for in an end-to-end IT and telecommunications partner?

  • An IT company with deep and broad experience across all facets of IT services, IT solutions and telecommunications needs. IT&T has been operating for over 25 years, providing a holistic and end-to-end IT service
  • Excellent reputation - Has the IT company won awards? Do they have positive testimonials? IT&T has been regularly endorsed through award wins and customer feedback
  • Excellent customer experience - Will the IT company always go above and beyond for your business? IT&T has a reputation for providing an exceptional customer experience
  • Trusted adviser which develops relationships built on respect and clear communication. IT&T has a reputation for being a supportive, go-to IT partner 
  • Provides local IT support to act on issues quickly and properly. IT&T provides local instead of offshore support
  • Specific industry experience - For example, let’s say your business is a medical practice in Sydney which needs end-to-end medical IT services. When looking for an IT company in Sydney, it makes sense to look for a provider which has experience in medical IT services. IT&T has worked with over 80% of the healthcare practices in the Illawarra and Greater Sydney regions, so can well and truly deliver on this requirement

What IT services should your end-to-end IT company provide?

While your IT company will work with you to identify what IT services and IT solutions you will require, here are some of the services you may need. 

Managed IT Services refers to an arrangement where a trusted third-party IT company handles all of a company’s IT operations, IT support, IT services and IT solutions. This includes managing, monitoring and safeguarding your company’s IT infrastructure 24/7, 365 days a year. 

IT&T is a trusted Managed IT Services provider, handling all IT maintenance and IT support needs including quickly addressing any email, printing or internet issues, through to providing Windows updates and back-ups.

IT&T provides tailor-made Managed IT Services to cater for your business with a fast and reliable turnaround. We take care of everything for you, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Ensuring you have fast, reliable and scalable internet is absolutely critical to ensuring your business runs smoothly and effectively.

IT&T provides business grade internet tailored to the needs of your business. We can help establish an NBN internet connection for FTTP, FTTN, FTTC, FTTB, HFC, wireless and satellite. We also offer 4G fail safe plans and hosting. If you engage us for Managed IT Services, we will troubleshoot any internet connection issues to minimise outages and disruptions. 

It’s essential your business has a reliable phone system which meets your unique communication needs such as call centre functionality or the ability to record for quality assurance. 

IT&T provides on-premise, public cloud-hosted and private cloud-hosted phone systems. We will install and troubleshoot your phone system and provide free training for your team.

Did you know that printing is typically the third highest business operating expense, behind rent and payroll? This is why you need to select a printing system which is cost effective over the lifetime of ownership and creates efficiencies in your business.

IT&T can help you select a printing system with the capability to print, copy, scan and fax as well as connect with document management systems such as one drive, google drive, Sharepoint, Dropbox or OneNote. 

Having the capability to email, browse the internet, access a CRM and business applications, as well as make calls while on the go, are all necessary to keep up with the demands of business today.

IT&T offers SIM-only plans to give your team easy mobile access, where your data allowance can be shared among your pool of mobiles.

When your data is held on the cloud, rather than via on-premise servers, you’ll need to utilise a data centre to keep your data safe and secure. 

At IT&T we can source a secure data centre environment for you to deploy, manage and scale your digital infrastructure within.

Through using shared remote servers rather than on-premise servers, cloud services enable users to access applications via the internet from any device such as your SmartPhone, PC or iPad – from the office, home or while on the go.

IT&T can help your business transition to the cloud through migrating to cloud-based business applications and services, and transitioning away from onsite servers.

Cyber security is a critical business need to maintain the integrity of your data, ensure data isn’t lost and avoid disruptions. 

IT&T can help your business establish a cyber security strategy and instigate best practice to secure your devices and hardware.

Cables are an unavoidable part of technology, but they can also be a headache. If your cabling isn’t well laid, your technology may not always work.

IT&T can ensure your cabling is laid properly to enable you to achieve optimum data throughput, while also making it easier for you to find faults and do simple maintenance without the intervention of a technician.

In recent years, video conferencing has become an essential business need, enabling seamless remote communication. 

IT&T can help your business incorporate video conferencing into your capabilities. 

A professional website is an important way of putting your brand out there and ensuring customers find your business online. 

IT&T can custom design and build a responsive and striking website for your business on WordPress. 

If your business has partnered with multiple IT vendors, it can create confusion and double handling if not managed properly. This is where account management can help.

IT&T can provide account management services, becoming your one point of contact for all IT services. We liaise with all your IT partners on your behalf to ensure things are running smoothly, troubleshoot any issues and save you time. 

If you are looking to undertake an IT project but don’t have the knowledge in how to do so in-house, sourcing a project manager can help.

AT IT&T, our skilled IT professionals and project managers have extensive experience managing IT projects successfully.

If your business has a fleet of cars, vans or trucks, vehicle tracking will help you to better manage your fleet, ensure the safety of your drivers and improve your business’ productivity.

IT&T can handle vehicle tracking on your behalf, through the intelligent integration of real-time behavioural data-collection technology, analytics and services.

If you want cutting-edge equipment, the flexibility to scale equipment up and down and financial predictability, why not consider leasing equipment as part of a device-as-a-service solution?

With IT&T you pay a monthly fee to access the best technology, without needing to invest big upfront. That’s great news for your cash flow and ensures you’re accessing the latest technology at all times.

If you’re considering consolidating your IT and telecommunications services in one place, IT&T is a great choice. IT&T is the perfect partner for businesses looking for an IT company in Sydney, an IT company in Greater Sydney or an IT company in the Illawarra. Talk to us today about how to move towards an end-to-end IT strategy with IT&T as your trusted partner.

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