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Transform Your Practice with the New Bp Premier Features

May 28, 2024

Best Practice Software - BP premier Orchid sp2

Feeling swamped with paperwork and frustrated by clunky payment systems in Bp Premier? We hear you! Here at IT&T, your trusted healthcare IT partner, we're excited to share some amazing updates from Bp Premier Orchid SP2 designed to streamline your workflow and elevate patient care.

Imagine this:

  • An AI assistant (Lyrebird!) that listens while you see patients, then automatically writes up detailed, accurate notes in a flash. No more scrambling to remember everything later! Lyrebird frees you to focus on your patients, knowing their information is being captured securely.
  • Effortless payment processing thanks to a redesigned interface that ditches the confusing Tyro Setup.exe – say hello to one-click activation for CommBank Smart Health and Tyro! No more wrestling with outdated software; Bp Premier now makes accepting payments a breeze.
  • Enhanced security for your Bp Email with Modern Authentication, keeping your patient data safe and sound. Modern Authentication adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring only authorised users can access your emails.

That's the power of the new Bp Premier!

Here's how these updates can benefit your practice:

  • Free up valuable time: Lyrebird and streamlined payments mean less paperwork and more time for what matters most – your patients. You'll have extra time to focus on consultations, examinations, and building relationships with your patients.
  • Deliver better care: Accurate, detailed notes from Lyrebird ensure clear communication and informed decisions. With complete and accurate patient information readily available, you can make better-informed decisions and provide the best possible care for your patients.
  • Boost security: Modern Authentication safeguards your practice from security threats. This additional security layer gives you peace of mind, knowing your patients' sensitive information is protected.

Ready to unlock the potential of the new Bp Premier?

IT&T is your Bp Premier expert. We can help you seamlessly integrate these new features and optimize your workflow. Contact us today to learn more about Lyrebird, Payment Integrations, Modern Authentication, and how IT&T can empower you to get the most out of Bp Premier.

Want to dive deeper? Check out the official Bp Premier Orchid SP2 Release Notes

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