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We Want Your Screens: CommBox and WVTech announce E-Waste buyback scheme

September 13, 2021

Commbox buy back program

Have you got old, unused, unwanted E-Waste sitting around, gathering dust, with no idea what to do with it? Have you upgraded your technology and have no idea what to do with the old stuff? Well, it looks like there is finally an option, with CommBox and WVTech joining forces to announce an E-Waste buy back scheme, offered to Australian businesses and schools, offering cash in return for old or unwanted phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, projectors and interactive screens. These items can then be either responsibly recycled, or exchanged for cash if the items have any value left.

The program is being effectively split in two, targeting corporate industries and schools as the major components. Whilst the scheme is mostly identical between the two, it is emphasised that there are key differences that make the scheme attractive to both types of organisations equally.

Corporate businesses are heavily reliant on technology, and with this inevitably comes a lot of turnover, and in turn a lot of E-Waste. CommBox and WVTech recognise, and are offering the chance to clear this waste, as well as earn money on any technology that is still of value. Part of Worldview Foundation, WVTech is a social enterprise and Social Traders certified company.

Similarly, schools and education facilities are also highly technology based, and only progressing further, and so too have copious amounts of E-Waste that they are looking to rid themselves of. Commbox has developed a matrix that can help your business or school determine just how much money can be made from the usable E-Waste, although the value of the technology is only finally determined following an audit undertaken by WVTech.

To begin this process, businesses and schools should reach out to CommBox, to receive an estimated product value, including a site survey with photos of relevant assets, so WVTech can provide a quote. WVTech will then collect the E-Waste from the premises, and following an assessment will be either sold, harvested for parts, or safely recycled.

Through getting involved in this scheme, businesses and schools can reduce initial outlay and investment in new AV equipment, as well as the obvious hassle free removal of E-Waste which otherwise would become a nuisance. Whilst some schools and businesses may be justifiably concerned with the disposal of sensitive information, this scheme is incredibly safe, meeting with the ASIO standards for this industry. It is also incredibly environmentally friendly, reusing either whole units or stripped parts to reduce landfill.

This buyback scheme created by CommBox and WVTech offers social and community involvement, through supporting Indigenous industries. WVTech in particular is made up of a minimum of 80% Indigenous staff.

Through helping to re-sell and recycle E-Waste, CommBox and WVTech have created a buyback scheme that helps businesses, helps communities, and helps the planet. E-Waste is one of the biggest growing areas of concern in the world, and this program is one small step in combating this issue, so reach out today to find out exactly how your business or school can get involved.

An example of the rebate a business or business could earn as part of the buy-back program

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