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We’re now an MVNO, with a market leading mobile offering

March 7, 2022

We’re now an MVNO, with a market leading mobile offering

When speaking with our customers about their mobile needs, it became clear that most were dissatisfied with their current mobile providers. Often their mobile requirements weren’t being met, customer service was poor, their services were too costly and getting good support was incredibly challenging. 

We realised we could help! Leveraging our extensive knowledge of telecommunications and our deep understanding of the needs of Australian businesses, we set out to become a MVNO to be able to provide this offering. 

What’s an MVNO? 

An MVNO is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Unlike the carriers - Telstra, Optus and Vodafone - MVNOs don’t build and supply mobile networks themselves. Instead, they lease phone and data services from the carriers. 

What are the benefits of MVNOs?

MVNOs can typically offer cheaper phone and internet plans as they don’t need to fund the costs of infrastructure. In fact, the ACCC recently encouraged Australians to consider MVNOs when comparing plans to get the best deal. 

MVNOs get complete access to 4G networks through their partner carriers, meaning coverage is the same as going direct through the carrier. 

What makes IT&T different?

IT&T are enterprise specialists with many years of experience. We understand the specific needs of Australian businesses when it comes to mobile, whether that be the ability to leverage existing devices, the need for flexibility so you can scale up and down as needed, cost effectiveness, call quality and reliability. We’re Australian owned and operated, and we provide local 24/7 support remotely and onsite. 

We understand how your mobile needs should be integrated with your other IT and telecommunications needs. We ensure that all your IT and telecommunications requirements are met and working together seamlessly. 

Our offerings 

We offer three mobile offerings: 

SIM-Only Plans 

We offer SIM-only plans (calling and data) with the following features: 

  • High speed 4G coverage Australia-wide
  • No lock in contracts 
  • SIM-only, no need to invest in hardware unless you need to
  • 99% Australian network coverage 
  • Up to 80G of data
  • Unlimited texts and calls 
  • International texts and calls 
  • Easy activation 
  • Superior 24/7 support 
  • Prices start at $39 a month (month to month)

4G plans for failsafe and redundancy

Do you have a plan of attack if your internet goes offline? This can be devastating for businesses, so you need a plan B. Our 4G data plans ensure that you always have a backup plan if your broadband internet fails, ensuring round-the-clock reliability and availability, an always-on communication policy, and business continuity. 

Failover is becoming essential for business-grade connections to keep services online and minimise any downtime in the event of an unscheduled outage. Enabling 4G LTE failover enables a redundant secondary path that automatically switches over in the event of your primary nbn™ link going down so your business stays connected.

4G mobile internet

We offer 4G data plans that ensure swift connectivity for your business as a wireless alternative to nbn. This is useful for areas where nbn is not available and ADSL speeds are not adequate. 4G mobile internet works the way your mobile phone operates, but gives you access via multiple devices via 4G USB dongles, 4G routers, or 4G hotspot modems. Each will have their own functionality to suit your needs.

IT&T provides support from the moment you activate your SIM to ensure you’re achieving a reliable and flexible mobile internet connection.

For a better mobile experience for your business, get in touch with us today to discuss your mobile needs. 

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