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Why you need a fail safe data plan

May 1, 2022

Why you need a fail safe data plan

Do you have a plan in place to ensure your business can continue to operate in the event of an outage, natural disaster or other crisis? 

Most businesses can’t afford an internet outage these days - with critical applications such as email, Office 365, phones and other applications relying on a stable and reliable internet connection. 

A fail safe data plan will create a backup plan to ensure you always remain connected even if your internet goes down. 

How does it work? 

If your primary internet connection experiences an outage, it will switch over to your 4G connection. That ensures you remain connected. Having both internet options enables you to spread the risk. 

Why do you need a plan b? 

There are several reasons why your internet connection could go down: 

  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Earthquake
  • Power outage 
  • Storms and weather 
  • Cyber attack

While it may not be possible to prevent these things from happening, it is possible to have a plan in place to avoid the impacts in the event of an outage. 


Putting in place a fail safe data plan has a number of benefits: 

  • Spreads the risk, ensuring your business continuity and risk management plans are robust 
  • Stable and reliable internet connection, even in the event of an outage
  • No impacts on productivity or sales from outages 
  • Low cost, simple solution

IT&T’s failsafe 4G solution 

Our 4G fail safe data plans are designed to back up your business broadband networks, providing round-the-clock reliability and an always-on communication policy. If your primary nbn link goes down it will automatically switch over to 4G. This ensures your services are always online and minimises any downtime. We also provide 24/7 local support to ensure you have support whenever you need it.

Chat to us today about how we can establish a 4G fail safe option for your business. 

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