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Why you should choose IT&T business phone systems

June 3, 2021

Business Phone System

The key to any good business is communication, and good communication starts with good phone systems. At IT&T, we recognise that a business is only as strong as their ability to connect to consumers, and that is why we strive to provide the best business phone systems to any level of business, from the small to the super-sized. Our systems are efficient, cost-effective, and can help your business streamline its communication efforts, meaning no client will ever be missed again.

But communication is just the beginning of what IT&T office phone systems can provide. As well as this, they are also inbuilt with the ability to record conversations for quality control, provide call data in order to identify patterns or trends to manage resources, and even provide the option to customise call-hold messages to further promote the businesses.


Whilst we maintain a consistent approach to our phone system, we are also highly adaptable depending on the size of the business, and their specific needs. Panasonic are our phone systems of choice, not just due to their superior design, but their reliability, which means that they will never fail on you, and the flexibility to adjust to any type of business. As anyone would be aware, small business phone systems need to be able to do more with less, providing top quality service for businesses with lower operating costs and requirements. IT&T is more than capable, and even more willing, to provide any small business with a phone system that fits their specific needs.

IT&T also provides a wide ranging service, able to provide service to businesses near and far. Not only do we provide top quality service to Wollongong businesses, but we also are more than eager to supply Sydney businesses with whatever phone service their specific operations require.


Speaking of phone system options, IT&T is also proud to say that they are able to provide any business with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems, which allow businesses to make calls over a broadband internet connection, as opposed to traditional landline options. The benefits of VoIP phone systems are endless.


In an age of internet supremacy, and in a year that has seen us more reliant than ever on communication over the net, VoIP phone systems allow you to directly tap into this, providing a streamlined approach to business communication. The best part is, VoIP systems are suitable for all business types, as they are extremely adaptable. VoIP phone systems for small businesses can greatly help to enhance the quality and efficiency of said businesses communication, and as we all know, better communication equals better performance.

In order to even better suit people working from home, or remotely, Panasonic softphone can be installed on any IOS or Android mobile device. What this means, is that for employees, you have nearly complete freedom. This feature does not allow customers to access your phone number, but allows you to answer business calls on your personal phone, anywhere, any time. Take calls from the comfort of your own home, or streamline your business interactions by killing two birds with one stone. If you’ve already set up a home office, why leave? Let IT&T phone systems connect you, no matter how remote you may be.


To even more fully embrace the use of the internet in your business communications, IT&T also offers end-to-end solutions through our partnership Access4, Australia’s largest Broadworks SaaS platforms provider, which can help with the risks associated with a business not owning their own on-site equipment. These solutions are key in the retention of information in the case of an outage or other impacts to a businesses accessibility. Through a unified communications platform, IT&T and Access4 can help a business stay online, and in reach, no matter what has happened.

Another added benefit of these phone systems, they allow employees to switch seamlessly between devices, in turn allowing for optimum comfort and efficiency, for both workers and potential clients. IT&T phone systems are state of the art, always utilising top of the line technology to give your business the edge over your competitors, and always allowing for optimum customer satisfaction.


IT&T phone systems are highly dynamic, and can be utilised in a number of different settings, and professions. Hotels, motels, and other hospitality businesses can make great use of them, whether that's to take reservations, book in and assist customers, or even communicate between one other to assist the smooth running of the company. The Healthcare system is also one which is entirely dependent upon quick access and accurate communication, which of course means a reliable phone system. The systems even carry a duress alarm, which places such as medical centres can use to ensure the safety of patients and of staff.

Not only can IT&T’s phone systems record calls to ensure customer satisfaction, but in businesses such as law firms, they can help to streamline the process by accurately recording exactly what a customer requires. More than this, they can even assist in billing, recording the amount of time an employee spends with a client, in instances where clients are billed by the hour. In cases such as this, where a person's health, well being and entire livelihood are dependent on clear and concise communication, IT&T phone systems can ensure that everybody receives exactly what they need.


What really sets IT&T phone systems apart from the crowd isn’t the way they allow you to communicate with customers, but how they can improve your business in other ways. Be it doctors, lawyers, hotels and hospitals, IT&T phone systems can connect anyone, any time, in any way you need. Our systems are fast, accessible, and cost-effective, meaning that every business can, and should, choose the phone system best suited to their business. Put simply, IT&T phone systems are the best there is, and that is why your business should choose IT&T.

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