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Why you should move your medical practice onto the cloud

November 16, 2022

Why you should move your medical practice onto the cloud

Questioning whether you should move your medical practice’s IT operations onto the cloud? Quite simply, the answer is you should. Modern medical practices benefit significantly from operating from the cloud. Here’s why. 

Remove on-site physical infrastructure

Maintaining an on-site physical server is a headache. Not just in regard to the effort and cost of maintaining and upgrading that server, but also in regard to the burden of needing to allocate and pay for the space for the server. Moving to the cloud is a simple way to solve this problem. 

Modernise your business 

Once you’re on the cloud you’re free to move away from outdated systems and leverage the latest technologies. You will no longer be limited by your infrastructure, the options are endless. This will modernise your business in several areas, including giving you access to the latest collaboration and productivity solutions. 

Securely access data from anywhere at anytime 

Cloud systems enable you to access real time data, 24/7, from anywhere. This enables your operations to take place outside of your practice as required (including from home), at whatever time is suitable. 

Backup your data safely and securely

Instead of needing to worry about backing up data, maintaining your practice on the cloud ensures that backups are taken care of remotely and securely. Your client data will be maintained and protected even in the event of a business continuity risk. 

Minimise downtime and breaches

By moving to the cloud, you can minimise downtime and breaches, through improved data protection processes and monitoring systems. 

Moving your practice to the cloud is an important step in your practice's digital transformation. The only way to scale, best service your clients and remain relevant over time is to ensure your practice is digitally savvy - these days that means leveraging the cloud. 

Looking to transition your medical practice to the cloud? IT&T can help. We have decades of experience supporting medical practices with all of their IT and telecommunications needs. Contact us today to get started.

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