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Migrating to the Cloud

Protect your business with our cyber security services

Protecting your business data used to be simple. You would lock the doors, set up an alarm system or engage a security guard and your data was safe. Nowadays with data being stored digitally, these measures aren’t enough. Your data is vulnerable to new risks.

Migrating to the cloud has the potential to completely transform your IT, making your business more scalable and efficient.

Cloud computing enables users to access, save or back up their software and data on shared remote servers. What this means in practice is that you can access your applications via the internet from any device such as your SmartPhone, PC or iPad – from the office, home or while on the go.

Day Surgeries and Private Hospitals

Thanks to our extensive experience in supporting the IT and telecommunications requirements of day surgeries and private hospitals we have a deep understanding of the specific requirements, policies and workflows and deliver tailored solutions. This includes:

Enables you to access your data

from any device or location

Facilitates scalable business growth

Reduces the risk of server damage

through natural disasters

Reduces power usage, providing

environmental benefits

Eliminates capital expenditure on

server equipment and therefore

reduces costs. Cloud computing

utilises shared servers, sharing the

costs between users

Supports disaster recovery and

business continuity solutions

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