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IT&T can help you select a printing system that’s right for your business to improve productivity, deliver efficiencies and save time.

IT&T can help you select a printing system that’s right for your business to improve productivity, deliver efficiencies and save time.

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, you would expect businesses to become paperless. However, the reality is that businesses are printing more than ever. Many businesses rely on having hard copies of documents for compliance or ease, so having a fast, capable and reliable printing system is a must. Did you know that printing is typically the third highest business operating expense, behind rent and payroll? This is why you need to select a printing system which is cost effective over the lifetime of ownership and creates efficiencies in your business.

Compare printer system quotes with all the big brands and more!

We tell you which one is suitable for you

What are multi-function printers?

It wasn’t all that long ago when you needed multiple devices to print, copy, scan or fax. Now, you can do all with one machine – a multifunction printer or device (MFD). They are connected to an entire network and integrate with other applications like one drive, google drive, SharePoint, Dropbox,OneNote and others.

Here are some of the features of our printing systems

Experience the freedom to focus on your organizations goals and benefit from:

Send faxes using your PC to be sent digitally

Scan directly to a folder email or application

Mark multiple choice questions in tests (for teachers)

Access and use common application forms which are saved on the MFD hard drive

IT&T has partnered with Kyocera to offer cutting-edge multifunction printers.

Toner Cartridge Quote/Order Form

IT&T can help you save time and money on toner cartridge procurement. We offer a wide range of toner cartridges for all makes and models of printers, as well as expert printing and document management services.

With IT&T, you can:

Get your toner cartridges delivered right to your door:

No more running to the store!

Save money on toner cartridges:

We offer discounted prices on toner cartridges and other print supplies.

Free up your time:

Let us handle all of your printing and document management needs.

Improve your productivity:

With IT&T, you can be sure that your printers are always up and running.

Order your toner cartridges today and start enjoying the benefits of IT&T’s Print & Documents Management service!

To get a free quote for a capable and reliable printing system which fits the needs of your business.

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