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If your business has a network of providers all managing different aspects of your IT and telecommunications, it's very likely chaotic, disorganised, inefficient and expensive.

When an issue occurs, you may not know who to call. Often providers will pass the buck, leaving you high and dry. Your providers don’t work together or communicate, and they don’t have a big picture view of your systems.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Save money, time and stress by consolidating all your IT and telecommunications services and solutions with IT&T

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IT&T can help.

We create new levels of value for your business through:

  • One point of contact. You have just one place to call for any issue. Easy!
  • Peace of mind. We have 28 years of experience, so you know you’re in a trusted and safe pair of hands.
  • Reduced administration burden. We save you time so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Significant cost savings. Working with us costs less and gets you a better outcome. What could be better?
  • Excellent customer experience. We will always go above and beyond for your business
  • Local IT support. We can act on issues quickly and effectively as out support is onshore
  • We make voice, data, and internet work for you

Consolidating your IT & Telecommunications services and solutions with IT&T will transform your business

If you’re experiencing any of the following, it just might be time for a new approach to your IT and telecommunications:

  • Multiple points of contact and you’re not always sure who to go to and when
  • Complex and confusing IT and telecommunications processes
  • Inefficiencies and double handling between providers
  • Lack of knowledge among your providers across all systems and how they integrate or work together
  • High costs
  • Outages, security breaches and other issues consistently emerging
  • A huge time burden when it comes to handling your IT and telecommunications providers
  • A more stressful, burdensome experience for you - the customer!

Consolidate your IT and telecommunications with IT&T today to uncover more value, time and savings.

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IT&T is an award-winning provider of innovative IT and telecommunications solutions to businesses in the Illawarra, Sydney and Greater Sydney.

Founded by Serge Niazi in Wollongong in August 1994, IT&T’s aim was to become the best single source of information technology and telecommunication solutions for businesses in the Illawarra and Greater Sydney regions.

With a reputation for commitment to excellence and partnerships with market leading IT and telecommunications suppliers such as Telstra, Panasonic, Access4, Kyocera and Cisco, IT&T provides a complete suite of communications solutions to businesses in the Illawarra and beyond.

IT&T covers all your business IT and telecommunications needs in one place, creating efficiencies and saving your business money, stress and time

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IT & Telecommunications for your business doesn’t need to be confusing, expensive or inefficient.

Working with one provider gives you:

  • Greater visibility, accountability and ownership over all your IT and telecommunications systems
  • Breadth and depth of knowledge across your entire system
  • Simpler and less complex IT and telecommunications processes
  • Greater efficiencies and less double handling Economies of scale
  • Lower costs
  • Less risk. One trusted provider is responsible and accountable for everything
  • One point of contact, making the process easier and less time consuming
  • A less stressful and more enjoyable customer experience

Transforming your business’ IT & Telecommunications is easy with IT&T

If you’re considering consolidating your IT and telecommunications services in one place, IT&T is a great choice. IT&T is the perfect partner for businesses looking for an experienced IT company in Sydney, Greater Sydney or the Illawarra.

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