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Legacy medical devices, growing hacker threats create a perfect storm of cybersecurity risks

While ransomware attacks on hospitals and health systems are growing in sophistication, healthcare organisations are faced with one of their biggest cybersecurity challenges: defending older legacy medical devices against new cyber threats. Legacy medical devices in current use by healthcare organisations were designed and manufactured long before the medtech industry was thinking critically about cybersecurity features.

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How to record covid-19 vaccination on Medical Director version 4.1

Some practitioners may have incorrectly submitted COVID-19 vaccinations in MedicalDirector Clinical. As a result, these records were not sent to the Australian Immunisation Register. When recording a COVID-19 vaccination, it is critical to select the vaccine with your mouse and check that the ‘Send to AIR’ option is ticked as below.

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How IT&T medical IT services can help the Healthcare industry

IT&T Medical IT Services In the healthcare industry, every single effort is made with the goal in mind of helping other people. But ironically, to first truly help others, the healthcare industry must help itself, and that includes making sure all equipment is performing as needed. In today’s modern world, that process starts and ends

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