Month: October 2021

Microsoft Teams video call

Microsoft Teams: Your video calls just got a big security boost

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s all-encompassing workstream collaboration plus unified communications platform – combining meetings, chats, calls, and file sharing with the Office 365 application stack to bring everyone together in a shared workspace. Recently Microsoft has rolled out a public preview of E2EE for one-to-one Teams audio and video calls. It’s just because of the

Windows 10 update

Microsoft tells Windows 10 users to prepare for the November 21H2 update

Microsoft had settled on a spring/fall update cadence for Windows 10 the past few years, with the spring update generally being a bigger to-do than the fall update. Windows 10 releases using a YYH1/YYH2 format, with the YY standing for the last two numbers of the year and H1 or H2 referring to the first

microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft 365

15 cool features you should be using in Office 365 and Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 comes with a full list of features that will make you and your colleagues more productive. Microsoft 365 is designed to work as an ecosystem rather than an assortment of separate applications. Appropriately combined, Microsoft 365 provides businesses with a comprehensive, all-in-one digital workspace, including communications, cloud storage, backup and

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